Q. What happens when I leave the detox retreat? How do I integrate back into my normal diet?
We care a lot about your reintegration back into your life at home. What makes our wellness retreat unique is that, while you are drinking juice each day, you are going through an educational process that helps to teach you how to take some of these cleansing and lifestyle changes home with you.

Q. Can I just do a juice fast in the comfort of my home? Why do I need to come to Idaho?
Of course, you can do your own juicing at home, but the experience would be greatly different. People travel from all parts of the USA to come to our health retreat center. This is a supportive and peaceful environment, which makes it much easier to eliminate distraction. While at home, it is easy to be tempted to eat food and fall into your typical lifestyle and eating habits, especially if you have to cook and feed your family. This is a unique experience that allows you to focus just on yourself, have the juices prepared for you so you can truly indulge and enjoy your seven days with us.

Q. How much juice each day do you offer?
Our typical day consists of five juices that are 16-20oz. If your body requires more, we will encourage hydrating first with our tea, broth or water.

Q. Are there medical restrictions to doing this wellness retreat?
We request that you inform and consult with your physician before starting any juice cleanse. If you have a life-threatening disease, are on heavy medications, pregnant or nursing, or have had a kidney or liver issues, we do not recommend the juice experience.

Q. I am a beginner when it comes to juicing and a detox retreat like this. Will I survive?
Yes, this health retreat is for you! It’s completely normal to be nervous, especially if juicing is new to you. Many people report that they absolutely loved the juice, the detoxing and the overall experience. They also report that, above all, being able to rest and rejuvenate for seven full days was profoundly healing. We offer a very comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere so you will feel nurtured and well taken care of.

Q. How should I prepare?
Wean off coffee if possible, eat lots of vegetables (raw if possible) and begin to reduce your dairy and meat intake.

Q. What does an average day look like?
While the days may vary, we understand that it is helpful to have an idea of what your days might look like during your stay. Below is an outline, but please know that the schedule is subject to change.

In your free time, you may use the sauna, indulge in a massage or facial, take a walk or simply rest.

  • Wake up: Morning detox routine 8:00am Morning check-in and mindfulness guided imagery 8:15am juice
  • 10:00am yoga practice
  • 11:00am juice
  • 1:00pm juice
  • 3:00pm juice
  • 4:00pm Wellness class
  • 5:00pm juice/smoothie
  • 7:00pm Evening Check-in
  • 8:00pm Evening activity

Q. What are the best travel arrangements for the retreat?
We suggest flying into Spokane International Airport, which is about a one-hour drive from our retreat center. From here, we can help you in organizing ground transportation or shuttle services.

Q. What should I pack?
You’ll need casual, comfortable clothing, house slippers, walking shoes that can get muddy, books, music, a knitting project, etc. Don’t overpack, there is a laundry facility available.

Q. What is your refund policy?
To reserve your space at our wellness retreat, 50 percent is due and is non-refundable, but it can be applied to another week, availability permitting.